The Solurge Story

People are like plants; we all lean towards light

The story behind the name “Solurge” comes from the soul urge number.  A soul urge number is also called a hearts desire number in numerology.  This number is a reflection of the inner you or self.  It is your authentic self.  The number is said to speak to your true desires and motivations.  Your very essence.  The name Solurge and all that it conveys comes out of the soul urge numbers that exist.

The word SOL also means sun.  As the sun gives life to all things, including the cannabis plant, it was adapted to the birth of an urge to accomplish our inner desires – in turn Solurge was created.

Solurge originated from the idea that a cannabis company can be more than just a place where patients and customers go to purchase a product. In an industry that has prided itself on being different, we will be unique in ideas, approach, products, and the way we treat our customers.  Our community and customer first approach goes hand-in-hand with the premium cannabis products we’ll be providing.

Our story begins in Holyoke, but will soon write new chapters in other communities across Massachusetts. Stay tuned!

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